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Gashiyeon- Chapter 9 [Part 1]

Sorry this update is a little bit short! But yes I am alive and still continuing on with the translation ^^
Thanks for sticking with me, guys!

Her side of the family were obviously talented cooks. It suited my taste perfectly. She was delighted to hear my sincere compliments as I diligently continued to eat, even despite my still painful mouth.

We ceased to let the chatter stop, as if we were the only ones currently seated at the table. On the other hand, Yunho continued with his meal in relative silence.

She asked casually if we had eaten lunch that day upon seeing his intensely focused gaze that was firmly fixated down into his bowl.

Yunho gave quite the uncharacteristic response, choking momentarily on his food. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Puhahaha! How did you know, Suh-Hee. We were scared of you coming back, so we kept on thrusting, squirting……

I felt the atmosphere grow cold. I looked around to see both of their shocked, round eyes fixated on me.

Regardless of what the intention might have been, realizing that the situation at grown to be undeniably awkward, I instantly stopped my laughing and shoved the spoon that had I been clanging noisily against the table top, into my mouth.

I closed the matter with an awkward smile. As I tilted my head as if in confusion, each person at the table then returned to their usual movements.

While that was going on, I found the opportunity to once again, lower my head and quietly continue snickering to myself. This time, I thankfully wasn’t caught. Ah, this was such an amusing situation. So thrilling.

Following the meal, as we drank our tea, she began her tasteful retelling of the events that occurred while she had stayed over at her family’s house.

We sat listening to her, without realizing the time pass, entranced by her innocent, vivacious chatter. But at the peak of our excitement, he cut off our conversation. He rose from his seat, pressing his fingers firmly against his temples, probably having tired from listening in on our endless chatter. Oh right, it had completely slipped both mine and Suh-Hee’s minds that he had work the next morning.

We both followed suit, rising from our spots on the sofa with the word ‘oh’ still on our lips.

He naturally began moving upstairs towards his bedroom. The firm back that I was observing let help no discernable signs of fatigue.

Despite feeling apologetic towards her, I couldn’t help screaming silently in delight. You’re…not doing this so you could be alone with me, are you?

If that’s what it is, I’m really going to take a bite of you when I get up there.

Giggling quietly, I waited until Yunho had disappeared up the stairs before I called her.  

I tried my absolute best to look endearing so I could earn as much sympathy from her as I could.

“I’m sorry, Suh-Hee…”

I’m sorry that I won’t be just innocently lying there with your husband tonight. You see, we’re going to be having fun without you.

But I promise we won’t make a peep. Or we might startle the baby.  

“It’s alright. I know you’ll be scared sleeping by yourself, Jaejoong…I understand.”

 “Yeah, thank you…”

 The sight of her disappearing into the bedroom alone did not look too lonely. Thanks to that, I was able to conquer the flight of steps and find my own room without letting a twinge of guilt show on my face.

I could hear the sound of running water upon opening the door. He was in the middle of taking a shower. I locked the door behind me.

By her or whoever else…it was only too easy to be disturbed in this space that did not belong solely to the two of us.

I stealthily, slyly moved towards the washroom.

As I carefully opened the door, planning to surprise him, a great cloud of steam enveloped me.

 Closing my hand over my mouth, I watched him silently through the tiny gap in the door. The sight of him was so sensual, so
arousing that I felt to urge to be one with the soap bubbles coating his hair, the trickling stream of water down his nude body.

 I approached him from behind his turned back, mindful of the huge pools of water that covered the tiled floor. He was currently preoccupied with washing his face until it was literally squeaky clean.


 Roughly wiping his eyes free of the trails of running water, he turned around to look over his shoulder

  He let out an airy laugh, upon seeing me, both hands gathered together by my chin and mewling like a cat.

  “How dare you slink in here while your master is showering…”

  “How dare you shower by yourself and leave such a pretty little kitty alone and waiting…”

  Pulling me underneath the shower head, he buttoned the same shirt that he had done up for me earlier today. Soon, the garment found its way on to the floor, as I was pulled into him so tightly that our crotches were rubbing up against each other. He enclosed my waist with his two hands.

  He looked smug as his large hands came around to grab my slim waist. His hands sneakily crept lower, and in past the waist band.

  Warm trails of water found their way into my pants through the gap as he roughly squeezed the cheeks of my bottom with both of his hands.

  Soon the bare flesh of my ass, voluptuous like a perfectly ripe peach, became visible through the fabric, now translucent thanks to the stream of warm water coupled with Yunho’s ministrations.

Without the thought of picking up the fallen items of clothing even having crossed my mind, I wound my arms around his neck. It was as the water from the shower head began falling on our entangled bodies that Yunho busied his hands.   

  Wanting now to move into the bathtub, he hastily rinsed himself of the soap suds. I turned on the water as I climbed into the tub, my body freshly rinsed; he followed, not far behind. Soon the bathroom floor was flooded as the tub began to overflow.

  I sat, resting my back against his chest, splashing around in the rising water in the tub. He laughed, wiping away the droplets that had gotten on to his face.

  I ignored his direction to stop and continued to smack my hands against the surface of the water, and in the end got my nipples pinched as punishment.  

  With me still in his arms, he gently began wetting my hair, repeating dribbling the water down from the top of my head with his cupped hand.

  The warmth brought with it, exhaustion and drowsiness. I stopped slashing around in the water and peacefully leaned my head back against his chest.

  I felt the beating of his heart on the rim of my ear. Reassured by the regular rhythm, my own pulse also soon regained its calm.

  Maybe it was because this all felt so familiar, so comfortable, butI felt my eyes start to sting with quickly approaching tears; I wound my arms around his waist even tighter.

  In response…he tightened his hold around me even further.

  “There’s nothing I can do for you…I’ve gained too many things I need to protect. So that’s why…I can’t treat you like I did in the past…I hope you can understand.”

  “I want to cry…And I probably will everyday….”

  “You sparkle now as you always have. You’re still unchangingly beautiful. So……don’t cry from now on…my Jaejoong.”

  "I still love you too much…It’s so hard…”

  “I  know…How could I not…”

  His elegant fingers made contact with the base on my neck where the roughly tangled locks of my hair rested. The tips of his fingers were careful.

  Fingers, chest and the heart that rested inside—he tried to make me understand with everything he had. I didn’t want to be swayed by this tactic of his, yet I couldn’t do anything but comply.

  I nodded my head slowly at his words—‘Let’s not shed any more  tears’

  ‘Good boy…My beautiful Jaejoongie’…He attempted to consol me with the words he knew I liked to hear.   

  Feeling the drowsiness overcome me, I left the bathroom in his arms. I opened my eyes with much difficulty at the gentle tapping against my cheek. I whined that I was tired.

  Saying I needed to dry my hair before going to sleep, he threw a towel over my head and proceeded to do so for me.  

  Standing behind me, he laughed gently in his low voice at my nodding head. As I dozed off, instead of helping him with his ministrations by staying still, but my head flopping so badly it was in danger of crashing into the ground….

  The low cord of his voice reached my ears.   

  “Dye your hair.”

  Hm?...He had no response to my sleepy inquiry. I raised my head and observed him with slightly unfocused eyes.

“Dye your hair back to black.”


  “It feels like I’m fucking some other bitch.”


  The drowsiness fled instantly as I was abruptly jerked back into consciousness. Face red, I grabbed the towel covering my head and chucked it into the corner.

  I observed him with suspicion, to which he responded by poking my forehead with his index finger, looking at me as if I was pathetic.

  He had already suspected that the train of my thought might have stopped at ‘The Jung Yunho who hooked up with some blonde woman while I wasn’t there.’

  Sticking out my bottom lip in a pout, I continued to stare at him, obviously still dissatisfied with the situation.  

  “I don’t want to. You always made fun of it and how it looked like seaweed.”

  “Seaweed or not, black suits you better.”

  “Ch…No. I wont.”

  He laughed, amused at my cheeks, puffed up like a globefish, lips stuck out in a pout and the rising anger evident in my face.  

  But but but, I’m mad at you! You can’t laugh right now. Taking it a step further, I contorted my face even more. But he still did not bat an eye.

I was frustrated. He wasn’t even paying attention when I was so obviously trying to tell him that I was not happy. I could only pull, and take it out on the innocent sheets below me.

  He moved himself on to the bed, a smile still persistently stuck on his lips. His ‘Go ahead. Do whatever you want’ face was pissing me off. You’re such an ass Jung Yunho.   

  “I really wont listen to you…..”

  “Fine then…”

   He turned away from me, and lay back down after readjusting his pillow.

  That told me that the supposed fun I had planned for tonight after sending her off would be impossible to execute. .

  The sight of his wide set back, my uncontrollable lust vanished as anticlimactically as the flame of a candle.

  I also turned away from him, who still was refusing to look at me. He had no response even to my dark muttering despite the fact that he was yet still awake.

  “That bastard, I won’t do what you say. Over my dead body…”


Jan. 24th, 2012 05:01 am (UTC)
i'm not pushing you into continuing this or anything, but i just want to know if you remember this project~? >__< hehe besides, you've done a really great job translating this fic, it'll be a waste if you stop now....

hope you'll update this soon! hope university life isn't too stressful for you atm ^^ thanks!! <3