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Gashiyeon- Chapter 8 [Part 1]

Hey! Sorry for the long delay! For those of you who've waited for the updates and stuck around- thank you! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy this half chap~

WARNING: Graphic food sex, general grossness (you'll see what I mean when you get to it. lol)- some of you might be quite disturbed

I was inside of a fluffy white cloud, the cotton candy like fog tickling the tip of my nose. I tried to blow it away. However, just as soon as it was pushed back, the thick whiteness returned to envelop me once again.

Even though I knew that I was being toyed with, I didn’t mind. Continuing to blow without avail, and rubbing at my nose, I playfully complied with the teasing.

But suddenly, I was woken up by the sound of the strangest laugh. There was no mistaking that ridiculous chuckle; there was no doubt that the voice that continued to ring in my ears was my own. My gosh, what the hell was I doing—

The shocking part was that I had done this all subconsciously. The fit of sneezes that followed the laughter forced me to finally wake up completely. 

Yet it felt like someone was still persistently tickling at my nose.

By the time I was finally able to crawl out of bed, both my nose and eyes had both turned red from the sneezing. A shiver ran up my spine.

I surveyed my surroundings and caught a glimpse of the shirt that was lying where Yunho should have been. I snatched it up without a moment’s hesitation and proceeded to push my arms into it.

The oversized shirt barely covered my thighs. Yunho’s size always fit me just right- his clothes, his warm chest.

And even his cute cock...

Looking at the clock, I realized that I had only slept for a mere four hours.

Having been tormented by Yunho the night before, all the way until the sky outside had once again regained a dark blue, my lower body was still aching.

It felt as though something was running down my legs, but I paid it no mind. If it was his mark, I did not want to wipe it up.  

There was no reason for me to stay on a bed without Yunho any longer. I made my way downstairs in search of him.  


The first thing that reached my still half sleeping ears was the sound of softly muttered cursing.

Inside the kitchen was Yunho, positioned firmly over the stove. The sight of him from behind, clad only in a pair of pants, tempted me to run over as fast as  my legs would carry me and press myself against his strong, lean form.

The tendrils of hot steam that was rising from the stove and the white swirls of smoke, mingled in harmony as they rose above Yunho’s head. I could guess that there was a cigarette pressed between his lips; yet another flood of curses rushed past them.

Soon, with a hand on his hips, Yunho proceeded to tap the spatula in his hands noisily against the frying pan.

Tap, tap—.

Yet another onslaught of profanity was heard, following the sizzling sound of hot oil.

Like a cat, I padded towards him with delicate, tiny footsteps and pressed my lips against his solid shoulders.

Having noticed my arrival, he let out a big sigh. The two eggs that I could see over his shoulders were what I could only describe as an absolute mess.

The spatula had also fared a similar fate, covered with a thick layer of half cooked eggs.

“Haha…What the hell is this…It looks like cake or something…”

Right on cue with my laugh, he tousled up his hair and chucked the spatula on to the counter.

Thoroughly pissed off, Yunho continued to bite down mercilessly on an innocent spoon.

“Ah, fuck…I don’t know. You do something about it.”

“Why are you so bad at this…Haha…You do this every single time…”

“Whatever. What’s being good at something like this worth anyways…”

“The eggs take after its master. It’s sexy like you are…”

 It was as I was looking around the kitchen for something to move the desecrated eggs onto, with the spatula that Yunho had abandoned in one hand, that my eyes fell onto the plate that was sitting at one corner of the stove.

Ah…What am I going to do with you. As I, unable to stop myself, let out another round of laughter, Yunho moved to press his body firmly against my back.

“What do you think you’re laughing at?”

He must have been embarrassed judging from the way he was clutching firmly at my waist, and pestering me so that I couldn’t laugh.

The abundant layers of shapeless fried egg, piled into a heap on the plate, and the mountain of empty egg shells tossed into the sink.

His obvious efforts to try to treat me to a nice breakfast were so irresistibly commendable and cute.

I once again poured some oil on to the well heated pan and cracked open a brand new egg. With a sizzle, the whites of the egg cooked, the moment that it hit the pan.  

As I engaged myself in tending to the egg, Yunho continued to tease me, nipping at my ears and neck, while being careful not to burn me with his cigarette.

Looking over my shoulder and into the frying pan, he even made sure to douse me in a healthy helping of compliments as well.  

“You really have a nack for these kinds of things.” 

I skilfully flipped the egg, successfully managing to keep the yolk intact. Yunho first stared at the egg doubtfully, then moved on to despair over his own lack of skill.

 As I continued to laugh at him, Yunho threw his cigarette butt into the sink as if indicating that he had enough, and roughly devoured my evil lips.

Thanks to that, I wasn’t able to say a single thing. Even though I wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t be upset because he was good at everything in the world except maybe at cooking eggs.  

“How…hahh…great of a dream was it anyways…”

“Crap…kiss, you saw me too?...”  

“Yeah…You kept laughing…smooch…I woke up cause of that….”

“Me too…I woke up cause of my laughing too…haah…I must be insane…”

“You just realized?...”

I grabbed another egg, intending to cook one for myself as well. As I tapped it against the rim of the frying pan, the delicate shell easily cracked under the force.

As I successfully cracked the egg and transferred it onto the pan with only one hand, another flood of softly muttered curses rushed past Yunho’s lips. I was beginning to have fun with this, that he was reacting so well to my taunting.

Trying to provoke him further, I slid the spatula underneath the egg that had now attained an attractive golden hue, preparing to flip it over. However, before I even had a chance to react, out of nowhere, a rogue finger came in and popped the yolk, effectively ruining my masterpiece.

I turned to look at Yunho, dumbfounded, only to see him with his finger in his mouth, complaining that it was hot. Ah…there was really no stopping this man.

Unable to throw away the failed attempts, yet still unwilling to use up the whole carton of eggs on a single meal, at the end of Yunho’s merciless teasing, there still remained only one successfully completed egg out of the whole pile. Deprived of the appreciation that it deserved, my impressive creation was placed on the table.

I ordered Yunho to grab some ketchup, vegetables and fruit from the fridge as I popped the slices of bread into the toaster, at which he obediently returned with an armful of the requested items and placed them on the table-the picture was not unlike that of a slave towing a sack of rice. Somehow, even though it wasn’t particularly an amusing sight, I continued to laugh persistently, at which Yunho finally dropped a line.

“….Crazy bitch.”

A dark shadow appeared over my turned back as I was in the middle of slicing the tomatoes. His hands found their up my shirt.

His warm, dry fingers circled my waist and pressed his thumbs firmly against each section of my spine.  

All the sensations that I had only thought to have died were once again reawakened inside of me by his touch. I cringed as his fingers pressed their way firmly into the tensed up muscle.


Yes, your majesty.”

“Ahahaha—! Ah! Ahh…! Oh you…”

“You laugh, huh…”

However, having laughed a little too hard, a little too abruptly left me crippled in pain soon after. Putting a little more force into the massage, Yunho continued to rub the tension out of my back.

And suddenly, without even so much as a moment of warning or to protect myself, Yunho lowered his body and forced his lips up into my oversized shirt.

My grip on the knife loosened, and without even having been given a chance to wash off the tomato’s sticky juice, his tongue made contact with my bare flesh. Without even having been given a chance to push the cutting board off to one side, my shirt had already been flipped up past my waist.

My hips jerked up desperately in response to his amazingly arousing lips. There was no way that Yunho would let go of his prize when it was being presented to him like this.

He grabbed the soft flesh of my backside and spread open my rosy hued flower as far as possible and proceeded to press his tongue against each one of the minuscule folds of its petals.

Suddenly, just as I was about to open my mouth in ecstasy, I felt a sticky substance flow out of me…Yunho must have noticed it too.  


“Is it coming out…?”

I turned my head around and gave him a quick glance. He nodded.

His face that I could see, positioned just past the sensual curves of my waist, was just so handsome that I wanted tempted to rub my bottom against it.

“Maybe we should have used a condom…”

“Since when have we ever used anything like that…”

His Adam's apple moved, accompanied by the telltale sound of swallowing. My flower, adorned by the foggy droplets of your dew that had settled over its petals during the course of the night, had grown even more alluring than ever.  

Even though he had ravaged it to his hearts desire only a short while before, it must have looked tempting to him regardless. Yunho stuck out his tongue in anticipation as I continued to stare.

He buried his face into its depths.

“Hey…Don’t eat it…!”

“…You had your fill of it yesterday too.”

“Ah…still. I don’t want you to…”

“It’s okay. It’s mine anyways.”

Ahh…That’s my food…What will I do now that you’re eating it instead…You’re supposed to have eaten the toast I made you…

The tongue that Yunho had pushed into my fully exposed opening moved frantically inside of my body. His strong tongue felt amazingly soft.

I couldn’t take this devilishly europhic pleasure much longer. It tickled, almost like the fluffy white clouds that been dancing about the end of my nose in my dream.

Curling my fingers into a fist, I rested my forearms on the counter where the cutting-board had sat, and delicately buried my face in between the space between them.

The lower half of my body  that had been shamelessly exposed to the open air was completely lathered in Yunho’s saliva.. As wildly as a beast, and as elegantly as a butterfly, he continued to seduce me.

I called out his name as I shook my hips.

“Hahh…Jung Yunho…Do you want to come inside?...”

“….No we can’t….We…have to eat breakfast…”

 You’re telling me to eat breakfast after stealing all the good things for yourself and leaving me with a flimsy piece of toast? He rolled down my shirt for me, and stood me back upright.

He then pulled my wrist in towards his lips and proceeded to clean my fingers that had become a mess with the tomato juice, thoroughly with his skillful tongue; I moved my finger so that it brushed against its slippery surface.

Yunho’s eyebrows furrowed instantly in response.
He began to nip at my hands, at which I curled in my fingers to remove them from the quite significant possibility of getting bitten.

Anyone else would have looked a little pathetic, sucking at my fingers like it was the first meal he’d had in about a month, but my Jung Yunho looked impressive even was he was doing just that.

The toast had finished in the time that we had been messing around. Yunho asked me where I wanted to eat, to which I answered simply-the bed.


Wrapped up in Yunho’s arms, I left the kitchen, moving further away step by step, feeling like a child who had just learned how to walk for the very first time.


Jan. 15th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)

Tanx for the update...XD