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Gashiyeon Chapter 10 Part 1

Sorry I took the liberty to translate this since happy_color
 seems to be on hiatus or something. I don't have the complete gashiyeon though, and I'm translating this from Chinese :B

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Gashiyeon- Chapter 9 [Part 1]

Sorry this update is a little bit short! But yes I am alive and still continuing on with the translation ^^
Thanks for sticking with me, guys!

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Gashiyeon- Chapter 8 [Part 3]

Another update! We're about halfway into the story now~ ^^ I'll try to keep the updates coming at a faster pace now that it's summer!
On another note! Is anyone going to the JYJ concert in vancouver?! Got my tickets for the section right in front of the stage!
I'm so excited! Leave me a comment for sure if you are!! And leave me a comment anyways if you aren't. lol. Hope you guys like this chap ^^


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Gashiyeon- Chapter 8 [Part 2]

Update! Thanks for all your interest and support!!
Once again, sorry for the long wait- I'm hoping to get this project finished this summer though ^^
we're nearly at the end of chapter 8 (1 more part left) out of 25 chapters. That's actually not very far into the story, considering the page count on the word document is already at 68 in size 10 font. lol.
Hope you guys enjoy!


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Gashiyeon- Chapter 8 [Part 1]

Hey! Sorry for the long delay! For those of you who've waited for the updates and stuck around- thank you! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy this half chap~

WARNING: Graphic food sex, general grossness (you'll see what I mean when you get to it. lol)- some of you might be quite disturbed

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Literary Analysis

Hey everyone.

I've decided to do an extra post on some possible symbols I've noticed throughout the story that you may or may not have picked up on as well. I've been trying to preserve as may of the original metaphors, connotation and symbols as I could from the original without compromising meaning.

Gashiyeon, unlike many other fanfictions, is written at a very sophisticated level of writing in terms of literary features, context, language and style. I believe that reading with attention to the themes or symbols mentioned underneath will help enrich the text and understanding of both the story and intent of the author.

The list below are some of the examples I can think of off the top of my head. It is not an exhaustive list.

  • The sun: Purity/ The Ordinary
    • Jaejoong is weak to sunlight
  • Food/Hunger: Emotional Satisfaction
    • Jaejoong is hungry as Suh-Hee will be coming back
    • He feels sick due to feeling of hunger at Yunho's confession that he still does love him- is looking for love
  • Wisdom Teeth: Love
    • In Korean, wisdom teeth are called, literally translated, "Love teeth." This name stems from the fact that they appear when one is old enough to have known and experienced love.
    • Jaejoong states that his wisdom teeth were malformed
  • Semen: Sexual Satisfaction
  • Sex as a substitute for Love
    • Yunho has sex with Suh-Hee as he tries to get to love her in an attempt to forget Jaejoong
    • Jaejoong keeps seeking sex with Yunho when he gets rejected in the beginning
    • Jaejoong refers to semen (sexual satisfaction) as he watches Yunho and Suh-Hee have sex as being "bittter" because he has doubts as to whether or not Yunho is actually thinking of him or not as he is with her. Jaejoong seeks his love. Whereas he refers to the gruel (food as emotional satisfaction) that Suh-Hee made for him earlier in the day as being "rich" along with the comment that he can feel that her feelings of concern for him are sincere. Even though he doesn't like her necessarily, he is satisfied by her love.
  • Contradiction and Contrast as a factor in attraction and destruction
    • Jaejoong and Yunho's violent love hate relationiship
    • Jaejoong's description of himself as being full of contrast (white skin, black hair, etc)
    • Attraction that leads to dissolution of relationships, personal destruction


Gashiyeon- Chapter 7 [Part 2]

Hey guys

Back with another half chapter. I know the updates aren't coming as soon as they did in the summer but I'm trying my best to juggle everything. So i hope you guys won't be too upset with me ^^

NOTE: I just got randomly curious the other day, but do guys actually like the story of Gashiyeon? When I was reading it, I didn't find it to be a walk in the park to swallow. So what do you guys think?

Poll #1644310 Gashiyeon

What would you rate the actual story of Gashiyeon (10= Best; 1= Worst)

Mean: 8.89 Median: 10 Std. Dev 1.64

Either way, enjoy!

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Gashiyeon- Chapter 7 [Part 1]

Hi everyone!
Happy almost Halloween! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated. University life really is a lot different from high school. T_T
Don't worry though! I haven't given up on this project and I plan to continue (even if the progress is slow) until the very end.
Thank you so much to everyone who waited and supported me through my busy (crappy) first months of uni.
Hope you guys enjoy and that the absolute SMUT in this chapter will hopefully compensate a little for the wait. lol. Cheers!

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[Announcement] Update on the Trans

Hi everyone,

I haven't updated very much lately at all. I'm sorry >_<
I just started my first day of university life today. Everything is so hectic and confusing as of now.
I'm currently commuting from my house that is 2 hours away from the campus by car. But we're moving on to campus in a few days.
I hope you can bear with me going missing the last little while.
I'll be back with an update as soon as I can figure out what I'm doing. ^^
Thanks to those of you who've been keep up with the updates!